Rabbi Dr. Joseph Abrahams, Melbourne. Article

Biography of Rabbi Dr. Joseph Abrahams (1855-1938)

Av Beit Din and Chief Minister of the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation from 1883-1919.

Lecture by Chaim (Keith) Freedman to the Australian Jewish Historical Society, Melbourne 1977 and published in the society's journal in 1979, Volume VIII Part 7.

Rabbi Abrahams, in his retirement, lived with the family of Rabbi Isaac Jacob Super, the grandfather of Freedman's wife. An archive of Abraham's personal and communal papers is to be donated to the Jewish Museum in Melbourne.

Semikha (rabbinic ordination) from Rabbi Azriel Hildesheimer, Rabbinical Seminary Berlin 1882

Abrahams' father Rabbi Barnett Abrahams was the first Principal of Jews College London.

The following is his Semikha (rabbinical ordination) granted by Rabbi Jacob Oettingen, Berlin 1858.

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